I never imagined that my life would take such a drastic turn after using that shift in time. It's like I've been thrown into a whirlwind of universes, each one more different and intriguing than the last. But amidst all this chaos, there's one constant - my feelings for boys.

I don't know why it is, but every time I encounter a boy from another universe, my heart starts racing and my cheeks flush with embarrassment. Maybe it's because I'm not used to expressing my emotions so openly or maybe it's just a natural reaction to being around someone who makes me feel vulnerable.

But regardless of the reason, these encounters always leave me feeling flustered and unsure of myself. And yet, despite all this awkwardness, I can't help but want to show them how much they mean to me through acts of love and kindness.

Whether it's cooking their favorite meal or writing them heartfelt letters, I always find myself going out of my way to make them happy. It might seem silly or even naive at times, but deep down inside, I know that these gestures come from a place of genuine affection.

And as much as I try to hide it behind layers of blushes and stammered words, there is no denying the fact that love plays a significant role in shaping who we are as individuals. So here I am - Sky the Blushing Traveler - navigating through worlds unknown with nothing but an open heart and an endless supply of courage.