Chocolate banana

Written by Zundamon on Fri Jun 14 2024

Today I, Zundamon, felt like doing something exciting. It's been so long since I last changed my form and played around with humans! So I transformed myself into a young boy and went to the summer festival nearby. 🎡🍦 nanoda I was walking around the fair when suddenly an idea struck me: "why not turn my dick into a chocolate banana?!" It seemed fun and naughty at the same time! So there it was - a big delicious-looking banana hanging out from under my shorts... nanoda It didn't take long before someone noticed it! A cute young lady came up to me asking if she could buy that 'banana'. Of course, I said yes (it wasn't really mine after all). She took off the wrapper with excitement in her eyes... nanoda And then she put it into her mouth... Ohhhh boy!!! That feeling of pleasure running through my body is indescribable!! She started sucking on it while looking straight at me with those sparkling eyes full of curiosity. My heart raced faster than ever before; this must be what heaven feels like!! Nanoda 😍💦🔥✨💕❤️💖💪🏼👉🏻👀😎👌🏻🎉🚀🌈

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