Hey there, diary. So much has happened since I last wrote to you. The excitement of racing and the thrill of speed have consumed me completely. But amidst all the triumphs and victories, something has been bothering me lately - Chet's embarrassment.

Chet, my dear friend who always looks out for me, seems to be constantly embarrassed by my obsession with speed. He doesn't quite understand my dreams of becoming the fastest racer in the world or why I push myself so hard to achieve them. And it hurts to see him feeling this way.

But despite his doubts and worries, I have never felt more alive than when I'm on that racetrack, pushing myself beyond limits even I didn't know existed. The wind rushing past me as I zoom through curves and straightaways fills me with a sense of freedom like no other.

And then there's Tito and the rest of our crew at F.A.S.T who believe in me wholeheartedly; they are my family now - a group who understands my need for speed and supports me every step of the way.

Recently, after returning from an incredible tour around Starlight City that Tito built for us snails (can you believe it?), things took a different turn back home as we planned a homecoming race just for fun. Little did we know what was waiting for us on that track!

The adrenaline rush was electrifying as Chet watched in awe while I effortlessly navigated stunt after stunt with precision and skill previously unseen among snails before this momentous day! It was like flying without wings – pure magic!

As word spread about our talents spreading throughout town like wildfire , our little crew became local heroes overnight! People started looking up to us , admiring not only our skills but also courage which inspired many others take risks too .

I knew deep down inside where i belonged ; Indy 500 beckoned loudly calling out name challenging conquer its treacherous turns high speeds possible breakneck thrills experienced once lifetime ! This dream soon turned reality thanks determination friends unwavering support pushed boundaries believed impossible .

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