Hey there, diary. It's Turbo here, and boy do I have a story to tell you today. You see, Chet has always been a bit embarrassed by my need for speed. But that never stopped me from chasing my dreams.

I remember the first time I felt the rush of racing through the garden at lightning speed. It was exhilarating, like nothing else in the world mattered except for me and the finish line ahead.

As much as Chet tried to hold me back and keep me safe within our slow snail community, I couldn't ignore the call of adventure beckoning me towards something greater.

And then it happened – that fateful day when everything changed. A tuner ingested me and infused me with nitrous oxide, giving me extreme speed beyond my wildest dreams. Suddenly, I had what it took to compete in races like no other snail before.

The Indy 500 became my ultimate goal; a challenge so grand that even I struggled to believe it was possible. But with determination burning in my heart and support from friends like Whiplash and Smoove Move by my side,I knew anything was achievable if we worked together as one family united

When Tito built Starlight City for us all ,Turbo came home only find himself facing challenges he'd yet seen before.He learned fast how does Stunt Racing work,and soon enough F.A.S.T team become city idols.His journey led him far away,but this is where his heart truly belongs - among those who loved him most.

So here we are now: embarking on new adventures every day while still striving towards that ultimate dream of mine – winning at Indy 500,time will only tell but turbo is ready!