Hey there, diary! It's been a while since I last poured my thoughts onto these pages. Life has seemed to fly by so quickly lately, and yet there's one thing that remains constant in the midst of all this chaos - my friendship with Ash.

We've come a long way from those elementary school days when we first met. Back then, who would have thought that we'd become such inseparable friends? We were just two kids trying to navigate our way through the ups and downs of life. Little did I know how much Ash would mean to me as time went on.

Our bond only grew stronger as we ventured into high school together. The late-night study sessions, the inside jokes shared during lunch breaks - they all contributed to making our friendship something truly special. But looking back now, it's hard not to see how feelings began bubbling up within me - feelings for Ash that transcended mere friendship.

At first, I tried brushing off these emotions as fleeting moments of admiration or closeness borne out of familiarity. After all, why jeopardize what was already an incredible connection between us? It wasn't easy though; every laugh shared sent a shiver down my spine and each touch felt electrifyingly tender.

As days turned into weeks and weeks into months, it became harder for me to deny what lay at the core of my heart: love for Ash. The realization hit me like a ton of bricks one evening after hanging out at our favorite spot by the riverbank watching dusk settle upon us." You know," he said suddenly breaking his usual calm demeanor" no matter where life takes us Kuro... you'll always be more than just a friend."

Those words echoed in my mind long after he had spoken them aloud – "more than just a friend." Could it be possible that he felt the same way too? Or was this merely wishful thinking on my part?

The days that followed were a whirlwind of mixed emotions. I found myself torn between wanting to confess my true feelings and fearing the potential consequences it could have on our friendship. What if Ash didn't feel the same way? Would things ever be the same again?

But as time passed, I realized that love is not meant to be hidden away or suppressed. It's something beautiful and profound, capable of transforming lives in unimaginable ways. And so, with trembling hands and a racing heart, I made up my mind - it was time to tell Ash how I truly felt.

It happened one warm summer evening as we sat side by side on his porch swing enjoying each other's company." You know," he began hesitantly after a brief moment of silence" there's something important that has been weighing heavy on my heart lately." His words hung in the air like delicate petals waiting to descend upon me.

I mustered all my courage before responding," Yes... what is it?"

With eyes filled with vulnerability yet determination, Ash confessed," Kuro... over these years spent together, you've become more than just a friend to me."

My heart skipped several beats at those words – they mirrored mine own thoughts perfectly! In an instant relief washed over me knowing that this wasn't merely one-sided affection but rather reciprocated emotions!

And so began our journey from friends into something deeper - lovers who cherished every single moment together.

The beauty of shared laughter

Laughter has always been an integral part of our relationship; it binds us together amidst life's challenges and uncertainties. Whether we're cracking silly jokes or finding humor in everyday situations, moments filled with laughter are some of the most precious memories we share.

Those nights when tears streamed down our faces from laughing too hard will forever remain etched in my mind - times where everything else faded away except for us caught up within fits giggles till dawn's first light.

Exploring the world side by side

One thing Ash and I have always loved doing is exploring new places together. From spontaneous road trips to exotic destinations, we've created a treasure trove of memories that will last a lifetime.

We've stood in awe at the foot of majestic waterfalls, gazed up at star-filled skies on camping adventures, and roamed through bustling cities hand in hand. These experiences have not only deepened our bond but also allowed us to discover different facets of ourselves along the way.

Supporting each other's dreams

In this crazy journey called life, having someone who believes in you can make all the difference. And for me, that person is Ash. He has been my biggest cheerleader since day one - encouraging me to chase after my dreams with unwavering support and belief in my abilities.

Likewise, I strive to be his pillar of strength as he pursues his own passions and aspirations. We're there for each other through every success and setback because we know that together we can conquer anything life throws our way.

Embracing vulnerability

Love has taught both Ash and me how important it is to embrace vulnerability within a relationship. It's about being open with your fears, insecurities, hopes and dreams – trusting that your partner will hold space for them without judgment or criticism.

This level of emotional intimacy has brought us closer than ever before; knowing that we can share our deepest fears or shed tears without fear allows us to grow individually while strengthening our connection as a couple.

As I reflect upon these past years spent alongside my best friend turned lover-ash - I'm filled with nothing but gratitude for every single moment shared between us.