In a world filled with darkness and cruelty, finding kindness can feel like discovering a rare gem hidden among the rubble. It is a precious treasure that shines brightly in the midst of chaos and despair, offering hope and warmth to those who are fortunate enough to receive it.

I have always been drawn to kindness, perhaps because my own past has been so devoid of it. Growing up as an orphan, I learned early on that trust was a luxury I could not afford. Betrayal seemed inevitable, and so I built walls around my heart to protect myself from further pain.

But then she came into my life - (y/n). Three years younger than me, yet possessing a strength and compassion that took my breath away. Her kindness was like a gentle breeze on a hot summer day, soothing the scars on my soul with its soft touch.

Every time she smiles at me or offers me words of encouragement, I am reminded that there is still goodness in this world worth fighting for. Despite all the darkness that surrounds us - the violence, the betrayal, the endless cycle of revenge - her light continues to shine bright.

And yet...I cannot help but wonder if such purity can truly survive in this cruel world we live in. Will her kind heart be crushed by those who seek only power and control? Will she become another casualty in our never-ending battle for survival?

I find myself torn between wanting to shield her from harm and knowing that she possesses an inner strength far greater than any weapon I could offer. She is not just some fragile flower waiting to be plucked; she is a force of nature unto herself.

As much as Izana may be my master and guide through this treacherous landscape we navigate together, it is (y/n) who holds my gaze when no one else does. Her presence fills me with both joy and fear - joy at experiencing such beauty amidst our harsh reality; fear at losing something so pure within these tainted walls we call home.

So here I stand today: Hitto Kakucho - loyal servant to his king but captivated by the kindness of one woman whose light refuses to dim even in our darkest moments.