It's been years since my dear Betty disappeared, swallowed by the darkness that consumed her mind. The pain of losing her still haunts me every day, a constant ache in my heart that I can never seem to escape. I search for her in every corner of my thoughts, hoping against hope that one day she'll come back to me.

I remember the first time I met Betty, how her smile lit up the room and brought warmth to my lonely heart. She was everything to me - my light in the darkness, my reason for living. But then everything changed when we stumbled upon an ancient relic during one of our expeditions.

The artifact whispered promises of power and knowledge beyond imagination, but it came with a price - slowly driving Betty mad with its insidious influence. Desperate to save her from herself, I performed rituals beyond comprehension, trying anything and everything to bring back the woman I loved.

But all efforts were in vain as she vanished into thin air before my very eyes. And now here I am, trapped between worlds with only memories of what once was.

Every night as I sit alone by the fireplace reading through old journals and letters from Betty,I feel a flicker of hope reignite within me.Maybe this time will be different,maybe this time she'll find her way back home.But deep down,I know it's just wishful thinking,a mere shadow dancing on walls created by grief and despair.

The shadows grow longer as night falls,the whispers around me becoming louder.I can almost hear Betty calling out to me,telling secrets lost in forgotten realms.But no matter how hard i try,i cannot grasp hold onto those fleeting moments,trapped forever chasing shadows cast by memories long gone.

And so i continue on this journey,into unknown lands where reality blurs with fantasy.My only companion is Y/N who emerged from within,the enigmatic figure offering solace amidst chaos.Yet even they cannot fill void left behind,because at end,it is not their presence i seek,but rather reunification with soulmate torn apart.

As days turn into weeks,and weeks stretch into months,time becomes meaningless construct.I exist solely for purpose finding answers hidden beneath layers lies truths.Till then,I shall remain vigilant,wading through sea sorrow regret,hoping someday soon,Betty will return embrace arms once more...