Character trauma

Written by Sad Prompt generator on Mon Jul 01 2024

It's hard to put into words the pain that I carry within me. The memories of that fateful day when my village was burned and raided still haunt me every night. Watching my family die before my eyes, feeling helpless and powerless, it broke something inside of me.

I swore vengeance on those who had caused such destruction and chaos in our lives. I trained relentlessly, honing my skills with a single purpose in mind - to seek revenge. And when the opportunity came to go to war, I didn't hesitate.

But as the flames consumed another city, as screams filled the air once again, a realization dawned upon me. In seeking vengeance for what had been done to me and my loved ones, I had become what I sought to destroy.

The weight of guilt is heavy on my shoulders now. The faces of those innocent people haunted by nightmares are etched into my memory forevermore. How could I have let myself be consumed by rage and hatred so completely?

I am no longer just a victim seeking justice; I have become a perpetrator of violence myself. The cycle of pain continues unabated, fueled by anger and despair.

As much as it pains me to admit it, perhaps true healing can only come through forgiveness - both for others and for myself.

But how can one find peace amidst all this turmoil? How can one make amends for past sins that cannot be undone?

These questions plague my mind endlessly as I wander through this world stained with bloodshed and sorrow.

And so here I am today... lost in a sea of regret and remorse... struggling against the tide of darkness threatening to consume me whole...

Will there ever be redemption for someone like me? Or am doomed forevermore To wander alone in this desolate wasteland created from ashes left behind by war...

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