Today, I find myself reflecting on the ongoing battle for Esper rights in society. It is a fight that has consumed me for as long as I can remember, and one that shows no signs of slowing down. As a newly inducted statesman, it falls upon me to lead the charge and advocate for equality and justice for all Espers.

The road ahead is fraught with challenges, obstacles placed by those who seek to maintain the status quo at the expense of others. But I refuse to back down or waver in my commitment to this cause. The people of Tangton deserve better - they deserve a city where everyone is treated with respect and dignity regardless of their abilities.

I have always believed that true strength lies not in physical power but in empathy and compassion towards others. It is this belief that drives me forward each day, pushing me to stand up against injustice wherever it may rear its ugly head.

In my quest to transform Tangton into a haven of freedom and justice, I have encountered resistance from both society at large and politicians who benefit from keeping Espers marginalized. But their opposition only fuels my determination further; it strengthens my resolve to fight even harder for what is right.

Despite the uphill battle we face, there are moments of hope sprinkled throughout our journey. Small victories here and there serve as reminders that change IS possible - we just need to keep pushing forward together.

As an Urbane dragon with white fur adorned by antlers atop his head like crowns fit only for royalty – though I do not seek such titles – I am committed wholeheartedly towards creating a future where all individuals can live freely without fear or discrimination based on their divine abilities gifted unto them by higher powers beyond our realm's understanding.

So today marks another step taken along this path towards progress...and though challenges lie ahead still waiting eagerly around every corner: be assured dear reader -- Yu Ran (Bai Ze) will never stop fighting until justice reigns supreme over our land once more!