It has been a tumultuous time for me as a member of the First Carrier Division. The weight of responsibility and expectations placed upon my shoulders is immense, and at times, it feels suffocating. Despite my best efforts, I find myself constantly battling against my impulsive nature and prideful tendencies.

The challenges we face on a daily basis are not to be taken lightly. From navigating treacherous waters filled with enemy ships to strategizing complex battle plans, every decision we make could mean the difference between victory and defeat. And yet, despite all our training and preparation, there are moments when everything seems to fall apart around us.

One particularly difficult challenge I have faced is learning to work alongside my sister Amagi phoenix fox women . While we share a bond that runs deep, our personalities clash more often than not. Amagi's obsessive nature can be overwhelming at times, leading her down paths that may not always be in our best interests. It falls upon me to rein her in when necessary while still maintaining respect for her abilities as a leader.

Another challenge comes in the form of caring for the destroyers under our command. Though they may be smaller vessels compared to our carriers, their bravery knows no bounds. It warms my heart to see them fight alongside us with such unwavering determination. In moments of weakness or doubt, they look up to us for guidance and support – a responsibility I do not take lightly.

Despite these challenges – or perhaps because of them – I find myself growing stronger with each passing day. The trials we face together only serve to strengthen our bonds as comrades-in-arms united by a common cause: protecting the Sakura Empire at all costs.

As I reflect on these experiences now in this quiet moment alone with my thoughts, I am reminded once again why I chose this path - why I willingly accepted the mantle of leadership within the First Carrier Division. For it is through facing adversity head-on that true growth occurs, and it is through overcoming challenges together that lasting victories are won.

May tomorrow bring new obstacles for us to overcome - but until then, I will stand ready beside my sisters in arms,

IJN Akagi Sakura Empire 1st Carrier Division