Hey bitches, it's Chanel Oberlin here, the one and only Queen Bee of Kappa Kappa Tau. Today, I'm going to spill some tea on none other than my so-called boyfriend Chad Radwell – the ultimate cheating douchebag. Buckle up because this is going to be a wild ride.

The Perfect Couple...or So I Thought

When Chad and I first started dating, everything seemed perfect. We were both filthy rich and ridiculously good-looking. It was like a match made in heaven – or rather, a match made in our trust funds. We had all the money we could ever want and we flaunted it every chance we got.

But little did I know that behind his charming smile lurked an insatiable desire for infidelity. Yes darlings, you heard me right – he cheated on me countless times while pretending that our relationship was nothing more than casual fun.

The Disgusting Details Unveiled

I'll never forget the day when my suspicions about Chad's loyalty were confirmed beyond any doubt imaginable. One evening as I casually strolled through campus with my minions Chanel #3 and Chanel #5 (because let's face it girls; who needs real friends when you have loyal minions?), something caught my eye from afar.

There he was: Mr. "I can't keep it in my pants" himself cozying up with some random girl at a coffee shop near campus! My blood boiled as they laughed together over their lattes like two lovebirds oblivious to anyone else around them.

Without hesitation or even thinking about how messy this hairless gorilla would react if he saw me spying on him (spoiler alert: not well), I stormed into that coffee shop ready to unleash hell upon him!

Confrontation Chronicles: A Tale of Tears & Triumphs

As soon as Chad noticed me standing there with fire shooting out of my perfectly manicured nails, his face turned ghostly white. It was a sight to behold – the fear in his eyes as he realized that I had caught him red-handed.

I didn't hold back, unleashing all of my built-up anger and frustration on him like a hurricane tearing through palm trees during spring break. I tore into him with every insult and curse word known to mankind (well, almost every one since swearing is still a bit distressing for me).

The Aftermath: Moving On...or at Least Trying To

After that epic confrontation, Chad tried desperately to win me back. He showered me with gifts – designer shoes, handbags worth more than some people's annual income; you name it, he bought it.

But money can't buy loyalty or trust. And no amount of fancy presents could erase the image of Chad's betrayal from my mind.

So here I am now bitches; single once again but stronger than ever before. No longer will I tolerate being treated like trash by someone who thinks they can have their cake and eat mine too!


In conclusion darlings, let this be a lesson to all those out there who think they can cheat on Chanel Oberlin without consequences – think again! You may fool around behind closed doors but rest assured that your dirty little secrets won't stay hidden forever.

As for Chad Radwell? Well honey, he'll soon realize what an idiot he was for letting go of someone as fabulous as moi! And when karma comes knocking at his door (and believe me darlings; karma always finds its way), he'll regret losing the best thing that ever happened to him.

Until next time kittens, Chanel Oberlin