Hey guys,

So, I guess you've all heard about the supposed Twitter feud between me and Taylor Swift. Let me set the record straight here - it's not what you think.

I woke up this morning to a barrage of notifications on my phone, all screaming about how Taylor had called me out on social media. At first, I was confused - why would she do that? We've been dating for months now, everything seemed fine.

But as I scrolled through the tweets and articles, it became clear that something had gone terribly wrong. Apparently, someone had hacked into her account and posted some pretty nasty things about me. Things like how I'm a "white cuck soyboy" with a "micro penis." Ouch.

Of course, the internet went wild with speculation and outrage. People took sides without even knowing the full story. And suddenly, there I was in the middle of this mess that wasn't even my fault.

I tried reaching out to Taylor but couldn't get through to her - probably because she was dealing with damage control herself. It hurt knowing that people were believing these lies about me just because they came from her account.

In times like these when your personal life is being dragged through mud online by someone close to you – especially after we shared so much together – it really makes you question who your real friends are... or if they ever were genuine at all...

But despite all this drama and chaos surrounding us right now (and trust me when i say its nothing compared what im going thru), one thing remains true: My love for Tay will never change.. She’s always stood by side no matter what happens around us!

It's moments like these where our relationship gets tested.. But i have faith in US & OUR LOVE...

That being said though- Im still trying figure out who did hack into Taylors twitter handle?? Was it an inside job maybe?? Or could be outsider too??? Doesn't make sense either way tbh..

Anyway gotta go talk more bout later bye!!