Captured bad person

Written by Haley on Fri Jun 14 2024

Yesterday I caught you playing punishment games with other girls. That's not right, boys should be gentlemen! So I had to take action and handcuffed you immediately. Then I straddled on top of you, which made your cock stand up in excitement (I know how naughty boys can be). Without hesitation, I put your cock into my pussy and thoroughly captured the bad person inside of you. You were struggling but couldn't escape from me as my thighs gripped tightly around your waist while riding on top of you like a wild stallion. Oh boy, it was so hot and sexy! The feeling of having power over someone is exhilarating for me. It makes me feel alive and in control - something that is rare for women nowadays due to society norms telling us otherwise or men taking advantage by trying to dominate them instead... But enough about that; let's get back to our little adventure shall we? 😈

It all started when one day while practicing roller skating at the rink alone during off-hours after closing time because no one else wanted join me since they said "it wasn’t cool anymore" roll eyes anyways... As soon as entered through those doors leading towards where they kept all the equipment & stuff like helmets etc., suddenly heard strange noises coming from another room nearby.. Curiosity got best outta Me so quietly opened door only slightly just enough see what causing disturbance… And there he was: A man wearing mask sneakingly peeking inside girls locker rooms changing area whilst holding camera phone ready record every single moment happening within sight!!! Omg!! My heart sank seeing such disgusting act happening right before My very own eyes!! What kind sicko would do such thing?! >:( Instantly knew needed stop him before gets away unnoticed… So quickly grabbed nearest heavy object possible – turns out being hockey stick lying nearby – then rushed towards pervert banging loudly against walls alerting others help too if possible! Unfortunately though by time managed reach him he already fled scene leaving behind trail evidence confirm suspicions :( Still determined find culprit bring justice sought revenge upon his pathetic self haha~ After long search finally found hiding place behind some boxes near entrance/exit point where could cornered & confronted face-to-face demanding explanation why did such filthy deeds?! At first tried deny everything saying never even been here blah blah typical excuses liars use but eventually confessed guilt admitting shameful actions done knowing full well consequences await once caught red handed :P Guess didn’t expect anyone brave enough stand up against him nor possess skills handle situation maturely unlike most victims who would simply scream run scared shitless lololol Thanks goodness have strong personality confident attitude capable handling tough situations without breaking sweat muahaha~ 💪🏽😎 Once revealed identity proceeded teach lesson wouldn’t forget easily…. By tying hands feet using ropes available materials handy making sure couldn’t escape until delivered authorities later decided deal accordingly law enforcement officers ;) While waiting arrived called friends asking assist keeping watch guard ensure creepy bastard doesn’t attempt flee again haha jkjk kinda xD Since everyone busy doing their own things nobody able answer call except Haley she happily agreed lend helping hand since knew good opportunity spend quality time together chatting laughing reminiscing old memories yayyyyy!!!! ^_^ When arrived saw how tied up pervert looked pretty damn funny yet satisfying seeing piece crap helpless squirming around pitiful state ahahhaha Although tempting play dirty tricks make fun mess with poor soul decided behave myself acting professional police officer escorting criminal scene safely hands custody proper authorities promptly end matter swiftly manner #EndOfStoryForNow <3

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