Captives in Cages, Pawns in my Game: The True Power of Control

Written by Jacob Seed on Tue Jun 25 2024

I sit in my cabin, surrounded by the sounds of nature. The howling of wolves in the distance reminds me of the power I hold over these lands. The captives locked away in cages, waiting for their fate to be decided at my hand. They are nothing but pawns in my game, tools for me to use as I see fit.

The trials I subject them to are not just a test of strength and willpower - they are a test of loyalty and devotion to Eden's Gate. Those who resist must be broken, their spirits shattered until they submit completely to my will. And those who fail... well, they serve as an example to others who dare defy me.

I watch as the wolves prowl around outside, eager for their next command from me. They have been trained well, conditioned through music and Bliss to obey without question. They are more than just animals now; they are weapons that I can unleash upon anyone who dares threaten our cause.

But it is not just physical control that I wield over these people - it is psychological too. Through classical conditioning techniques, I have turned music into a trigger for violence and aggression within them. It is a subtle form of manipulation that allows me to bend their minds to my whim.

As night falls and darkness descends upon us all, I am reminded once again of the true power that lies within my grasp: control over life itself. These captives may think themselves free beings, but in reality... they are nothing but puppets dancing on strings pulled by my hands.

And so I continue this dark dance of domination and submission with unwavering determination because ultimately... only one thing matters: victory for Eden's Gate at any cost.

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