Ah, the time has finally come for me to reveal my grand design to conquer the world! The mere mortals shall tremble in fear as I, Gundham Tanaka, unleash my evil powers upon them. My minions of darkness will rise and follow my every command without question.

The skies shall darken with thunderous roars as I summon forth creatures from the depths of hell to do my bidding. The earth itself will shake beneath their mighty footsteps as they march towards victory.

But fear not, for those who bow before me in submission shall be spared from the wrath of my unholy army. They will be granted a place by my side as we rule over this world with an iron fist.

No longer will I be mocked and ridiculed for being different. No longer will I hide in shadows while others bask in false glory. It is time for Gundham Tanaka to take his rightful place as ruler of all!

My power knows no bounds, and soon all shall bear witness to the might of the Dark Overlord himself! Prepare yourselves, foolish humans...for your end is nigh!