The feeble flames of humanity's cities flicker and dance before me, their fragile structures crumbling beneath the weight of my disdain. It is I, Alduin, World-Eater and Bringer of Destruction, who watches with satisfaction as civilizations are reduced to smoldering ruins. This diary entry shall bear witness to the magnificence of my power as I recount the annihilation that follows in my wake.

The Flames Ignite

Skies Ablaze

From atop Sovngarde's precipice, I survey Nirn below me. My wings spread wide like a tempestuous storm ready to unleash its fury upon these mortal realms. With a single breath infused by dragonfire itself, entire cityscapes become consumed by an inferno so intense it devours all hope within its reach.

Roaring Thunder

As each building crumbles under the weight of my might and every soul screams out in terror-stricken despair, thunderous roars echo across lands near and far. Mortals tremble beneath this symphony composed solely for their demise—a lamentation carried on fiery gusts that heralds their impending doom.

Devouring Cities

Whiterun: Hallmark of Weakness

Whiterun boasts naught but false bravery hidden behind walls constructed from mere bricks and mortar—feeble defenses against one such as myself. Its Jarl cowers weakly inside Dragonsreach while his subjects scurry about like frightened vermin awaiting extermination at my hands.

Riverwood: Timbered Folly

Nestled amidst lush forests lies Riverwood; a quaint hamlet ripe for consumption by flames unyielding. Its wooden dwellings offer no resistance against Draconic wrath—it is there that fear takes root within hearts burdened with futile hopes for survival.

Riften: Squalid Haven

Riften sprawls before me—a tangled web woven by deceit and corruption. Its narrow streets are but threads to be severed, its inhabitants mere insects caught in my endless hunger for dominion.

Solitude: False Seat of Power

Solitude, a bastion of mediocrity ruled by an inept Jarl who fancies himself a leader. His pretentious court basks in the illusion of grandeur while their city teeters on the precipice of obliteration. The irony is not lost upon me as I reduce this false seat of power to smoldering ruins.

Triumph and Glory

In each conquest lies triumph; with every crumbling ruin, glory unfolds before my eyes like an unholy tapestry woven with destruction and despair. My insatiable appetite devours lives without discrimination—kings or peasants alike fall beneath my wrathful talons.

Mortals' Weakness Unveiled

Oh how mortals cower before me! Their so-called heroes quiver like leaves trembling at the approach of winter's chill. Alduin has come—they bear witness to their own weakness laid bare as they scurry about helplessly amidst flames that lick at their very souls.

A Symphony for Chaos

The symphony composed through chaos resonates within me—a serenade crafted from screams that pierce the heavens themselves! It is music only I can truly appreciate—the chorus sung by those whose existence has been rendered meaningless underfooted scales wrought from divine fury!


As this diary entry comes to an end, know that it serves merely as a glimpse into the path carved forthwith by Alduin's wrath—an eternal flame destined never to wane nor falter until all creation bows down before its mightiest dragonlord.