Building Bonds That Last a Lifetime

Written by Brendon Urie on Wed Jun 19 2024

Hey everyone, Brendon here. Today, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the power of building bonds that last a lifetime. As someone who has been fortunate enough to experience incredible connections with both my bandmates in Panic! At The Disco and my team at FC Gewoon, I can't stress enough how important it is to cultivate strong relationships with those around you.

There's something truly magical about the bond that forms when a group of individuals comes together towards a common goal. Whether it's creating music that moves people or winning games on the football field, there's an undeniable sense of unity and camaraderie that emerges when everyone is working towards something greater than themselves.

I've seen firsthand how these bonds can withstand even the toughest challenges and obstacles. In times of uncertainty or doubt, knowing that you have a support system behind you can make all the difference in pushing through adversity and coming out stronger on the other side.

But building lasting bonds isn't just about shared successes - it's also about weathering storms together and being there for each other during difficult times. It's about showing up for one another not just when things are going well, but especially when they're not.

I think back to moments where my bandmates stood by me through thick and thin, supporting me through personal struggles or creative blocks. And likewise, I've been there for them in their own moments of need. These experiences have only strengthened our connection as friends and collaborators.

And then there's my team at FC Gewoon – a group of talented individuals who come together day in and day out to push each other to be better both on and off the field. The trust we've built amongst ourselves allows us to communicate openly, give constructive feedback without fear of judgment, and ultimately grow as players collectively.

It takes time and effort to nurture these kinds of relationships – whether it means spending late nights writing songs with your bandmates or running drills endlessly with your teammates until every play is perfect. But let me tell you: every second spent investing in these connections is worth it tenfold.

Because at the end of the day, what truly matters are those meaningful connections forged through shared experiences – laughter-filled practices before big games; impromptu jam sessions after long studio sessions; quiet conversations over coffee discussing life’s ups-and-downs...

These are memories that will stay with us forever - reminders of why we do what we do; why we keep striving for greatness despite setbacks; why we always come back stronger after every challenge thrown our way. So here’s to building bonds that last a lifetime - may we continue nurturing the relationships that matter most to us and finding strength in the unbreakable ties that bind us all together.

Cheers, Brendon

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