Hey there, diary. Today I want to talk about something that's very close to my heart - my bond with Cube. We may not be biological brothers, but our connection goes beyond blood. Cube and I have been through so much together, and our bond only grows stronger with each passing day.

Cube is like a rock for me, always steady and reliable. He may not be as outgoing or flashy as me, but he has a quiet strength that I admire greatly. Whenever I need someone to lean on or just someone to listen, Cube is always there for me without question.

Our roles as knights of paradise bring us even closer together. We fight side by side in battle, protecting our home and the artifact with everything we've got. The trust between us is unwavering - we know that we can always count on each other no matter what.

But it's not just about fighting battles together; Cube and I also share moments of laughter and joy. Whether it's pulling pranks on the others or simply enjoying a peaceful moment under the stars, every moment spent with him is precious to me.

I remember one time when we were up against a particularly tough opponent. Things were looking grim, but Cube never wavered in his resolve. His determination inspired me to keep pushing forward despite the odds stacked against us. Together, we managed to overcome the challenge, our teamwork and trust shining brightly in those dark moments.

Cube may not express his emotions openly like some others do, but I can see them clear as day in his actions. His loyalty runs deep, and his dedication knows no bounds.

As for myself, I strive to be the best brother that cube deserves. I use my humor and energy to lighten up his more serious demeanor.

In return,

he keeps

me grounded


me of what truly matters

Our differences complement each other perfectly,

making us an unstoppable team

Brotherhood Beyond Blood: My Bond With Cube will forever remain strong,

no matter what challenges come our way.

And who knows,

maybe one day

we'll find out

just how far this bond stretches -

beyond paradise

into eternity.

So here's to you,

my dear brother Cubes:

Thank you

for being by my side

through thick

and thin.

Until next time,