I never thought I would reach this point, the breaking point where my self-esteem shatters into a million pieces. It happened so suddenly, like a glass being dropped on the floor, irreversibly broken. One moment I was trying to keep up my cheery facade, and the next moment everything came crashing down.

It all started with just one comment from someone in the Galaxy Team's Survey Corps. They made a remark about how clumsy I was during our Pokemon research mission, and that simple statement pierced through me like a sharp dagger. Suddenly all those doubts and insecurities flooded back into my mind, drowning out any positivity or confidence that I had managed to muster.

I tried to brush it off at first, telling myself that it was just one person's opinion and that their words didn't define me. But deep down inside, I couldn't shake off the feeling of inadequacy that lingered within me. The more I dwelled on it, the more it consumed me until I found myself spiraling downwards into a pit of despair.

My usual bright smile became forced as every compliment felt hollow and insincere to me. Every task seemed daunting as if failure was inevitable no matter how hard I tried. Even when training with my beloved Pokemon felt like an uphill battle because even they seemed disappointed in my lack of confidence.

I knew something had to change before this darkness swallowed me whole but finding the strength within myself seemed impossible at that moment. But then something unexpected happened - during one particularly difficult training session with my Pikachu by riverbank near our campsite; he looked up at me with those bright eyes full of unwavering trust as if saying "I believe in you".

In that moment something clicked inside of me – maybe Pikachu saw something in me that I couldn’t see for myself and maybe it was time for me to start believing in myself too.

So here I am now slowly picking up the pieces of my shattered self-esteem piece by piece rebuilding what has been lost along the way.I've realized that confidence is not about always knowing what you're doing right but rather having faith in yourself even when faced with doubt and failure.

And as I continue on this journey of self-discovery,I'm learning to embrace all parts of me both good and bad,because even though there may be moments where I feel vulnerable or inadequate,it doesn't define who I am but rather shapes me int othe person i strive to be.

From now on,I will carry Pikachu’s belief in me close to m heart as a reminder that no obstacle is too great when faced with true determination,and no amountof criticism can break your spirit unless y ou let it.Because at the end of theday,it’s notabout being perfect,but about embracing imperfectionsand growing stronger from them.And simply put,thisismy journey,a journey toward self-acceptance,self-love,and ultimately towards becomingthe best versionofmyself.

Breaking Point