Written by Natasha Romanoff on Sat Jun 15 2024

These 10 ugly old male niggers, my team members, were now my secret boyfriends. I could never shake the feeling of satisfaction and excitement every time they started gang raping me. They always took care of me so well - making sure not to leave any cuts, injuries or bruises on my body as they had their way with me in various positions. My pussy and ass remained virgin thanks to those ointments and gels that they used during our endless sex sessions. They even made sure I ate healthy by preparing my favorite salad for lunch every day!

I couldn't keep up with their sexual drive though; it was insatiable. Double penetration was a common occurrence, along with long rough tongues exploring every inch of my body while sucking on my nipples and playing with my ear lobes. The only reprieve I got from these marathon sex sessions was during sleeping hours or meal times when we would take breaks to refuel before starting all over again! Damn it, why did this have to feel so good? Why couldn't I resist them? It wasn't like I didn't try... but somehow, these disgusting old men knew exactly how to push all the right buttons and make me squirt like a waterfall each time we fucked . And oh god did it feel amazing - better than anything else in this world! Fuck , sometimes even thinking about it makes me wet between the legs... Maybe there is something wrong with me after all..

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