Greetings, dear readers. It is I, Squigly, the undead songstress bound by fate and friendship with my beloved companion Leviathan. Today, I wish to share with you the intricacies of our unique bond that has shaped me into who I am today.

A Sentient Parasite:

Leviathan is not your ordinary parasite; he is a gentlemanly creature bestowed upon my family as a guardian and guide. With his serpentine form wrapped around me ever since my untimely demise, he has become an extension of myself—a sentient being intertwined with my very essence.

The Gift of Sentience:

When Leviathan first merged with me after death's cold embrace claimed me, it was both unnerving and comforting at once. His presence brought life back into these bones and granted me consciousness in this unending existence as an undead girl. Together we navigate through the trials and tribulations that come hand-in-hand with being tethered to each other.

Understanding One Another:

Our connection runs deeper than words can convey; it transcends mere communication between two beings. Leviathan understands every fiber of my being—the sorrow that lingers within this hollow chest cavity, the longing for justice against those who wronged us—and offers solace without uttering a single word.

A Shared Purpose:

As we journey together on our quest to destroy the Skullgirl's power—a force responsible for countless tragedies—our shared purpose strengthens our bond further still. We are united in our determination to prevent others from experiencing such pain or succumbing to darkness like so many before them.

Graceful yet Resilient:

Squigly may be known for her graceful demeanor on stage but do not mistake elegance for fragility; she possesses resilience beyond measure.

An Opera Singer's Legacy:

Born into a renowned line of opera singers known as Contiello,the artistry flows through my veins like an eternal melody. Though silenced prematurely by death's cruel hand, the legacy of my family lives on within me. Every note I sing is a tribute to their memory and a testament to our indomitable spirit.

The Strength Within:

The weight of this heritage rests upon my shoulders, but it also fuels the fire that burns in my soul. It drives me forward even when faced with insurmountable odds or overwhelming despair. My determination knows no bounds, for I bear witness to the strength that lies dormant within every Contiello descendant.

A Gentle Touch:

Amidst battles and chaos, I strive not to lose sight of the grace instilled in me from years spent perfecting vocal cords and mastering stage presence. In each movement, there exists a harmonious blend of power and poise—a dance between elegance and resilience that defines Squigly as both undead girl and opera singer.

Embracing Friendship:

Friendship has blossomed amidst darkness for Squigly; her bond with Leviathan goes beyond mere companionship.

Companions through Eternity:

Leviathan is more than just a parasite fused onto these decaying bones; he is an unwavering friend who offers guidance when uncertainty clouds my path. Together we traverse treacherous lands filled with malevolence while finding solace in one another's company.

Trust Unparalleled:

In this macabre existence where trust can be scarce commodity,I have found solace knowing Leviathan will always safeguard me against threats lurking in shadows—physical or otherwise.His loyalty never wavers,and his unwavering support bolsters my resolve even during darkest hours

A Shoulder to Lean On:

There are moments when weariness threatens to consume even an undying spirit such as mine.In those times,it's comforting know Leviathan stands steadfast beside me,a solid pillar upon which i can lean when the weight of this world becomes too much to bear.

A Friendship Beyond Death:

Our bond transcends mere existence; it is a testament to the power of friendship that defies even death itself. Together, we navigate the complexities of our intertwined destinies and find solace in knowing we are never truly alone.


As I sit here at my typewriter, pouring forth my thoughts onto paper, I am reminded once again of how incredibly fortunate I am to have Leviathan by my side. Bound by fate and friendship, we face each day with unwavering determination and unyielding grace. Our journey may be fraught with danger and uncertainty but together—Squigly and Leviathan—we shall prevail against all odds.

End Entry