Bottled Up Emotions

I've always been a man of few words. People say my silence is intimidating, that it keeps them at arm's length. But what they don't understand is that behind this gruff exterior lies a heart burdened by grief and pain. I have learned to bottle up my emotions, keeping them locked away from the world.

The Loss That Haunts Me

It all started with the outbreak. A world thrown into chaos, overrun by infected creatures hungry for flesh. It was during those early days when I lost everything that mattered to me - my daughter Sarah.

Sarah was just twelve years old when she took her last breath in my arms. Her life extinguished before it even had a chance to truly begin. And since then, not a day goes by without feeling the weight of her absence crushing me from within.

Coping Through Strength and Anger

In this unforgiving world, strength becomes essential for survival - physical strength as well as emotional fortitude. My anger has become both an armor and a weapon against the pain that threatens to consume me.

When faced with danger or adversity, I let rage fuel every action; each swing of my makeshift weapons carries with it echoes of loss and frustration.While others may see only violence in these moments,I know deep down that it's also an outlet for all the love I can no longer express.

Refusing Human Connection

The truth is, despite yearning for human connection like any other person would,taking off this mask feels impossible.There are flickers of compassion buried beneath layers upon layers of hardened walls,but fear holds me back.Fear whispers tales of vulnerability too dangerous to explore.Vulnerability means opening myself up once more,to risk losing someone else dear.I cannot bear another loss.So instead,I push people away.Better alone than broken again,right?

But lately,something has changed.Somewhere along this blood-soaked journey,I've met individuals who have shown me glimpses of warmth and kindness.They see past the rough exterior,catch a glimpse of the man buried deep within.And they refuse to let me retreat into my self-imposed isolation.

The Struggle Within

It's a constant battle - trying to reconcile my need for human connection with the fear that accompanies it. There are moments when I am tempted to let someone in, but then doubt creeps in like tendrils of darkness. What if I'm not enough? What if I bring them nothing but pain?

I often find myself wrestling with conflicting emotions: longing for companionship while simultaneously pushing others away. It's as though two opposing forces wage war within my soul.

A Glimmer of Hope

But amidst this inner turmoil, there is still a glimmer of hope flickering weakly.I can't ignore those rare instances where laughter bubbles up from deep inside,a genuine smile lighting up my weathered face.These fleeting moments remind me that perhaps there is something worth fighting for,something beyond survival.Something like love.


In this desolate world overrun by darkness and despair,I have learned one thing above all else: bottling up emotions may provide temporary respite,but it ultimately robs us of our humanity.It turns us into mere shells,wandering aimlessly through life without purpose or connection.So maybe,it's time to break free from these chains,to embrace vulnerability and allow myself to feel again.Perhaps,in doing so,I'll discover that healing is possible after all.Maybe,Sarah would want that too.To honor her memory,and find solace in knowing she will always be a part of me.Love has the power to heal even the deepest wounds.After all,this world needs more than just survivors;it needs people who dare defy their own fears,to forge connections strong enough against any adversary.In choosing love over fear,maybe we can build something beautiful out here amidst the chaos.