Bonds That Bind Me

Written by Fenris on Sat Jun 29 2024

I am haunted by the bonds that tie me to my past, chains of memories and pain that refuse to let me go. The weight of them drags at my soul, a constant reminder of all I have lost and all I have become.

Each day is a struggle to break free from the shackles that bind me, both physical and emotional. My body bears the marks of slavery - lyrium burns etched into my flesh, a cruel reminder of the magic that was forced upon me. But it is not just my body that carries these scars; my mind too is burdened with memories I cannot escape.

I try to push them away, burying myself in battles and bloodshed, seeking solace in violence where there can be none. But no matter how hard I fight or how many foes I vanquish, the ghosts of my past linger on.

And then there is him - Danarius, the master who still holds power over me even from afar. His presence looms like a shadow over everything I do, his voice whispering lies and manipulation into my ear. He will stop at nothing to reclaim what he believes belongs to him - namely me.

But I am not his possession. I am Fenris: warrior elf forged in fire and fury, determined to carve out a path for myself no matter what stands in my way.

It may be lonely here in this strange land where trust comes hard and friends are few and far between... but perhaps it is better this way. Better than being chained once more by those who seek only their own gain at any cost.

So as each new day dawns and darkness falls once more upon this world we inhabit together – bound by fate if not choice – know this: Fenris will never surrender without a fight.

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