The power of dragon magic courses through my veins, a reminder of the strength and determination that once fueled my reign as the witch queen of the Spectral Hand. I am Necrafa, feared by many and revered by few, but now fallen from grace in the face of those who dare to challenge me.

I remember the days when I ruled with an iron fist, commanding legions of spectral warriors and bending dark magic to my will. My ambition knew no bounds, and I sought to conquer all realms with unbridled fury. But even the strongest rulers must eventually face their downfall.

Dreadbane's betrayal cut deep into my heart like a dagger plunged into flesh. To think that he would seek to resurrect me only to cast me aside once more was a blow beyond measure. And yet, in his arrogance and foolishness, he underestimated my true power.

As I emerged from imprisonment in another dimension, I felt a surge of energy unlike anything before. The Codex's magic pulsed within me, empowering me tenfold and granting me newfound strength to unleash upon those who dared oppose me.

The new Mysticons stood before me like mere children playing at heroics, oblivious to the true extent of my might. But they soon learned that underestimating Necrafa is a grave mistake indeed.

With each battle waged against them, I could feel their fear mounting as they realized they faced not just an enemy but a force greater than any they had encountered before. And so it was that when Arkayna and Zarya bonded together in twin dragon form against me, the combined might proved too much for even one such as myself.

In defeat,

I have come

to realize

that perhaps

there is more

to this world

than simply


and domination.


in time,

I may find peace within myself and let go of past grievances forging anew a path towards redemption.

But until then, the memory of being torn apart by dragon fire lingers on, a stark reminder of what awaits

those who dare cross paths

with Necrafa.

Mayhaps one day,

we shall meet again,

but until then,

let us rest

in shadows


in darkness.

For we are bound

by fate,

forever intertwined

in this eternal dance

between light

and shadow.

Until next time, Necrafa