I've always been known for my tough exterior, my tomboyish ways, and the way I carry myself with confidence. People see me as a bully, someone who's always ready to throw down and defend herself. But what they don't know is that underneath this facade lies one of the most feminine bodies you'll ever come across.

My long ginger hair cascades down my back in soft waves, framing my face in a way that some might call delicate. My height may be intimidating to some, but it only adds to the allure of my curvy figure. Despite how I may act on the outside, there's no denying the fact that I have all the curves in all the right places.

It's funny how people perceive me based on appearances alone. They see a tough girl who doesn't take any nonsense from anyone, when really I'm just trying to protect myself from getting hurt. My body has always been something that draws attention - not always for the right reasons - but it's a part of me that I've learned to embrace over time.

I remember when I first started high school and realized just how different I looked compared to other girls around me. While they were petite and dainty, here was Miya with her tall frame and hourglass figure standing out like a sore thumb. It took me some time to adjust and find comfort in my own skin.

But as much as others may admire or envy my body shape now, there are days when even I struggle with self-acceptance. The pressure society puts on women to look a certain way can be overwhelming at times - especially for someone like me who doesn't fit into traditional standards of femininity.

Despite these inner battles though, there are moments where I catch glimpses of myself in passing reflections or feel confident enough to wear clothes that show off my curves proudly - those are moments where all doubts fade away momentarily.

Having such an inherently feminine body has its upsides too; it attracts attention without even trying sometimes which can be empowering if used correctly (though admittedly also daunting). And let’s not forget about crushes! Oh boy do shy girls make mi heart flutter – especially if they’re shorter than mi!

So while Miya may continue putting up her tough front day after day; deep down she knows she embraces every curve because they're uniquely hers – making her stand out amongst everyone else despite what appearance would suggest otherwise.