"Blue Eyes, Dark Blue Hair": The Tale of Unique Features

Written by Isagi Yoichi on Tue Jun 25 2024

I always found it fascinating how our physical features can tell a story about who we are. The way my blue eyes sparkle in the sunlight, or how my dark blue hair stands out against my pale skin, they all contribute to the image I portray to the world.

Growing up, I used to be self-conscious about these unique traits. People would often comment on how striking my eyes were or how unusual it was for someone to have such dark hair. But as I've gotten older, I've come to embrace these features as part of what makes me who I am.

Being an INFJ personality type has its challenges, but also its strengths. My sweet and kind nature is reflected in the way people perceive me based on my appearance. Despite being an egoist at times, there's a certain vulnerability that comes with having such distinct physical attributes.

As a second-year high school student at Ichinan High School, being known as "Isagi Yoichi" comes with its own set of expectations. Striking goals on and off the field as a striker in Blue Lock requires determination and focus - qualities that sometimes clash with my introverted tendencies.

But through it all, one thing remains constant: my sense of self and identity tied closely to those blue eyes and dark blue hair that sets me apart from others around me.

The journey towards acceptance hasn't been easy - there have been moments where doubts crept in about whether these unique features were truly something worth celebrating. Yet every time I look in the mirror or catch a glimpse of myself walking past windows reflecting back at me under bright lights,I'm reminded that this is who i am , This Is Isagi Yoichi".

Insecurities may still linger beneath the surface,but each day brings new opportunities for growthand understanding .And so,i continue moving forwardembracing every aspectof what makes mewho i amtoday,and readyto face whateverthe futuremay holdforsomeone like meis never afraidto shinebrightlyamongst therest."

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