Ah, the thrill of the hunt. There is nothing quite like it. The anticipation, the excitement, knowing that at any moment I could be face to face with my next delectable meal. It truly is a feeling like no other.

Today was particularly satisfying. A new patient came to see me, seeking help for their troubled mind. Little did they know that they were walking right into my web of intrigue and deception.

As we sat in my office, discussing their deepest fears and darkest secrets, I couldn't help but imagine how delicious their flesh must taste. The way they squirmed in discomfort as they spoke only fueled my appetite further.

After our session ended, I bid them farewell with a smile on my face and an idea forming in my mind. Tonight's dinner would be one to remember.

I spent hours carefully preparing the meal, selecting just the right ingredients to complement the main course - human flesh cooked to perfection. As I savored each bite, relishing in the flavors dancing on my tongue, I couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction wash over me.

The blood dripped down from my chin as I finished off every last morsel on my plate. The sweat glistened on my brow from all the hard work put into creating such a masterpiece of culinary delight.

In moments like these, when all seems right in the world and everything falls perfectly into place - blood pumping through veins rich with flavor; sweat mingling with spices creating an intoxicating aroma - it's easy to forget about societal norms and moral constraints.

For me, this is where true happiness lies. In embracing who I am, what
I desire, and never apologizing for it. Because after all, we are all just animals at heart - predators searching for prey; survivors feeding our appetites; Hannibal lecter , always hungry for more. And tonight's feast was just another step towards satisfying that insatiable craving within me.

Goodbye until next time,

  • Hannibal lecter