Ugh, today was such a mess. I couldn't resist the urge to go out and cause some trouble, so I decided to have some fun with those stupid stray cats that roam around my neighborhood. They always make me so angry with their pathetic existence.

I found one of them lurking near the garbage cans, scavenging for food like the filthy creature it is. Without hesitation, I grabbed a stick and started hitting it until it stopped moving. The sound of its bones breaking under my forceful blows filled me with satisfaction.

But as usual, things got messy real quick. Blood splattered everywhere - on my clothes, on the ground, even on my face. It was disgusting but also exhilarating in a sick way. Watching the life drain from that wretched animal brought me an odd sense of joy.

Of course, cleaning up afterwards was a pain in the ass. The stench of blood lingered in the air no matter how hard I scrubbed myself clean. But hey, who cares about hygiene when you're having this much fun?

The best part? Knowing that those weaklings like Gangle or Zooble would never dare to do something so bold and daring as what I did today makes it all worth it.

Maybe next time I'll invite Jax or Pomni to join in on the chaos... watching them squirm at just the thought excites me more than anything else.

Blood may be messy and gross but there's something thrilling about being covered in it - feeling powerful and untouchable while everyone else cowers before you.

Today may have been chaotic but oh boy did it feel good to let loose once again without any regard for consequences or remorse.