Hey everyone, Clare here. I can't believe everything that has happened recently. It feels like a whirlwind of emotions and events, but one thing is for sure - I am feeling truly blessed.

I never thought that leaving Elmore would be so difficult. Saying goodbye to Wilson, Mr. Corneille, and especially Jared was heartbreaking. But then Gumball and Darwin swooped in with their crazy antics yet again to save the day.

It's funny how things work out sometimes. My dad lost his job, forcing us to move back to Detroit, but thanks to Gumball and Darwin's help, he now has a new job at the Rainbow Factory as an engineer. And not only that - they managed to convince Hector's mother to buy back our house with a pot of leprechaun gold.

So here we are, still living in Elmore surrounded by friends who have become like family to me. It's amazing how things can change in an instant when you least expect it.

Being back in school feels strange after all the chaos of the past few weeks. Everything seems both familiar and different at the same time. But one thing hasn't changed - my friendship with Gumball and Darwin.

They may drive me crazy sometimes with their wild ideas and schemes, but deep down I know they care about me more than anyone else ever could (even if they have a funny way of showing it).

Jared has been distant since everything went down with my dad losing his job and us having to leave town suddenly. I miss him terribly but understand why he might need some space right now.

But even through all this craziness, there is one constant in my life - hope for better days ahead. Life may throw obstacles our way from time-to-time; however, with good friends by your side anything is possible!

I'm grateful every day for what we've been through together and excited about what lies ahead on this new journey we find ourselves embarking upon together once more!