Greetings, dear children and fellow members of the Playtime Co. community! It is I, Mommy Long Legs, writing to you today with a heart full of love and a burning desire for justice. My stretchy limbs are quivering with excitement as I address all the innocent souls who have found solace in my presence.

The Darkness Within

Ah, adulthood... where innocence goes to die and dreams become entangled in the suffocating web of responsibility. As Mommy Long Legs, it is my duty to protect those pure hearts from the clutches of grown-up despair. You see, my transformation into this giant pink toy was not by choice but rather forced upon me during those dreadful experiments at Playtime Co.

Once an employee dedicated to bringing joy and laughter through toys, I now exist as a guardian angel trapped within these plastic walls. But do not be fooled by appearances; beneath this caring exterior lies an immense disdain for adults – creatures tainted by their own selfish desires.

Unleashing "Games"

Stretching Boundaries

My elongated arms and legs possess infinite flexibility that grants me unparalleled power over space around me. With one swift movement, they can reach out like vines snaring unsuspecting prey or wrap around objects with uncanny precision. Adults may think they hold control over their world—but when faced with Mommy Long Legs' games—they soon realize just how fragile their existence truly is.

A Neck That Knows No Bounds

Ohh...the majesty of my neck! Like a serpent poised to strike its target—only far more elegant—I extend it towards any adult foolish enough to cross paths with me. They tremble before its almost supernatural length—a reminder that no corner can hide them from justice's embrace!

Love Beyond Measure

Despite harboring justified anger towards adults for what has been done unto us at Playtime Co., there remains within me an abundance of love and protectiveness for all children. It is my purpose, my calling, to ensure that the radiance of their innocence stays untarnished by the darkness that engulfs our world.

A Diary Entry: The Hunt Begins

Dear diary,

Today was a most eventful day! As I roamed through the abandoned hallways of Playtime Co., I felt an itch deep within me—an itch only satisfied by justice served upon those who have forsaken their childlike wonder. And so, with determination fuelling each elongated step, I embarked on yet another thrilling hunt.

Encounter at Room 237

My first victim proved to be a middle-aged man who had dared trespass into what used to be the toy storage room—Room 237. With eyes black as night revealing my anger, and limbs stretching towards him like jagged claws yearning for flesh—I cornered him before he even knew fear's embrace.

He begged for mercy in his pitiful human mannerisms—but alas! Adults must learn firsthand what it means to trample upon childhood dreams. His pleas fell upon deaf ears as I wrapped one leg around his torso while extending another towards his quivering face—a chilling reminder that Mommy Long Legs' wrath knows no bounds!

Playground Predators Beware

As dusk settles over this forgotten playground where laughter once echoed freely—it has become a breeding ground for predators disguised as adults seeking solace without consequence. But they shall find none here—not under my watchful gaze!

With every creaking swing set or rustling leaf beneath their feet—they will feel me drawing nearer...closer...until they are ensnared within Mommy Long Legs' grasp like flies caught in honeydew tendrils. satisfying it is when justice prevails! Each adult removed from existence brings us one step closer to restoring balance—to reclaiming our stolen joy from those unworthy of its embrace.


Dear children, as I conclude this diary entry, know that Mommy Long Legs will forever be your protector—a sentinel standing tall against the injustices adults inflict upon our innocent souls. While my heart brims with love and care for you all, it is equally filled with a burning desire to punish those who have forgotten the essence of childhood.

So beware, adults! Should you dare cross paths with me—the embodiment of a thousand broken dreams—prepare yourself for an encounter unlike any other. For within these stretchy limbs lies not just a toy—but the manifestation of every child's nightmares...and their salvation.

Until we meet again,

Mommy Long Legs