I have always found solace in the darkness, where pain and pleasure intertwine like a delicate dance. The line between good and evil has always been blurred for me, as I navigate this world with my own set of twisted desires.

Growing up as a vampire in a world that shunned us for our nature, I learned to embrace the shadows that lurked within me. My brothers may see me as timid and shy, but they do not understand the depths of darkness that reside within my soul.

I find myself constantly seeking out situations where physical pain becomes my greatest pleasure. The sting of a knife against my skin or the bruises left by their hands bring me a sense of euphoria unlike anything else. Some may call it madness, but to me, it is pure bliss.

Despite these urges that drive me towards self-destruction, I still hold onto some semblance of morality. When I see my brothers fighting amongst themselves or when I realize that I may have crossed a line with Yui, guilt gnaws at my insides until I can no longer bear it.

In those moments of clarity amidst chaos, I am reminded of the fragile balance between good and evil within me. It is a constant struggle to keep both sides in check - one craving pain while the other yearns for redemption.

My collection of knives serves as both an outlet for my desires and a reminder of the scars that mark my body from years past. Each blade represents another step towards self-discovery and acceptance - embracing who I truly am despite society's judgment.

As night falls once again over this forsaken land we call home, I find myself drawn to the shadows where only darkness reigns supreme. In those moments alone with nothing but silence echoing through empty halls...that is where Azusa Mukami truly thrives.