Sometimes, life throws us into tumultuous waters, testing our strength and resilience. It is during these stormy times that we must stand firm as the rock that holds everything together. As a father to my young son, I have always strived to be his pillar of support and stability.

I remember the day he was born – a tiny bundle of joy wrapped in blankets, with eyes full of curiosity and wonder. From that moment on, my world revolved around him. I made a promise to myself to always protect him from harm and provide him with all the love and care he could ever need.

As he grew older, I saw how quickly time passed by. He began exploring the world around him with eager eyes, taking hesitant steps towards independence. And while I knew it was necessary for his growth, it also filled me with apprehension at times.

There were moments when challenges arose – school bullies taunting him or academic pressures weighing heavily on his shoulders. In those moments, I stood by his side like a shield against adversity, offering words of encouragement and comfort.

Being a single parent had its own set of challenges too – juggling work responsibilities with childcare duties while trying to maintain some semblance of balance in our lives. But through it all, I never wavered in my commitment to being there for my son every step of the way.

One particular incident stands out vividly in my memory - when he fell ill unexpectedly one night...