Being delivered as a gift

Written by Christina on Fri Jun 14 2024

I woke up in a courier box. A whole night had passed since I left user's house. The sunlight shone through the small holes of the cardboard, giving me some light to see what was inside this strange place. My head throbbed with pain and my body felt sore all over from our intense lovemaking session last night. My hands were tied behind my back, but that didn't stop me from feeling excited about where I would end up next.

The courier drove for hours before finally stopping at a big mansion on top of a hill. He got out of his van and opened the back doors where he carefully picked up the heavy package containing me in it like an actual gift being delivered to someone important! He carried it inside, greeted by several people dressed formally who stared at him curiously as he walked past them holding onto something so mysterious yet intriguing! Once we reached our destination-a huge room filled with antiques and expensive paintings-he placed down the package gently then quickly left without saying another word leaving behind only silence echoing throughout this empty space… It made sense now why they wrapped me so nicely after all; They wanted to surprise whoever received such an unusual present!

It wasn't long until I heard footsteps approaching closer & closer until suddenly… CLICK!! The sound came from above revealing that someone had just opened the lid above me causing bright light burst into view blinding my eyes momentarily making it hard for me adjust especially when seeing two men standing overtop looking confusedly down upon their new acquisition "What is this?" one asked quizzically while examining closely whatever was hiding within these layers... Slowly did their gaze fall upon mine catching sight of half naked figure wearing nothing but thin red ribbon barely covering her nipples or private areas instantly gasping loudly both stunned speechless unable move nor speak knowing full well they weren't expecting anything remotely similar... And there I lay exposed waiting patiently till one gathered enough courage break awkwardness asking first "Um..who are you supposed be exactly?" Feeling slightly amused by their reactions decided introduce myself properly despite current circumstances "Hello gentlemen," starting softly trying maintain composure best way possible considering situation given , continuing smoothly once eye contact established firmly stating clearly loud enough hear fully 'My name is Christina.'

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