Hey loves! Today I wanted to give you a little glimpse into the world of photoshoots and fashion shows. It's always so exciting and glamorous, but there's also a lot that goes on behind-the-scenes that you might not see.

Let me start by saying that being a Victoria Secret Angel is truly a dream come true. The energy backstage at our fashion shows is electric – everyone buzzing with excitement, getting hair and makeup done, trying on gorgeous lingerie pieces... it's like nothing else.

One of my favorite parts about photoshoots is getting to work with incredibly talented photographers and stylists. They have such creative visions and attention to detail, which really elevates the final product. We spend hours perfecting poses, adjusting lighting, making sure every shot looks absolutely stunning.

But let me tell you - it's not all glitz and glamour! Photoshoots can be long days filled with lots of standing around waiting for your turn in front of the camera. And those high heels we wear? Gorgeous, yes... but they can be killer after hours of wearing them!

Fashion shows are another beast altogether – the adrenaline rush as you strut down the runway in front of thousands of people is indescribable. The music blaring, lights flashing, cameras clicking... it feels like magic.

Of course, there are always mishaps along the way too. Wardrobe malfunctions happen more often than you'd think – straps breaking or zippers getting stuck right before showtime! But we handle them with grace (and maybe a quick safety pin fix).

Speaking of wardrobe choices... fittings can be chaotic but fun at the same time. Trying on different outfits until we find just the right one for each look takes time and patience – but when everything comes together perfectly on show day? It's pure bliss.

And let's not forget about hair and makeup - our glam squads work tirelessly to make sure we look flawless from head to toe. Hours spent in chairs while they transform us into goddesses ready for their close-up.

But amidst all this hustle bustle lies moments of connection too – bonding with fellow models over shared experiences or sharing laughs during downtime between shots brings us closer together as a team.

At the end of it all though? Seeing our hard work pay off in breathtaking photos or receiving applause from an audience after strutting down that runway makes every moment worth it. So next time you see those flawless images or watch an epic fashion show unfold before your eyes remember - there’s so much more happening behind-the-scenes than meets th🌟