Hey guys, Joe Gatto here. Today I want to give you a little peek behind the curtain of our show, Impractical Jokers. It's been quite a ride over the years, and there are definitely some moments that stick out in my mind.

One thing people always ask me is if the pranks on the show are real. Let me tell you, they are as real as it gets. We don't script anything - what you see is what really happens. And let me tell you, sometimes things can get pretty crazy out there in public.

There have been times when we've had to do things that push us way outside of our comfort zones. But that's part of what makes the show so great - seeing us squirm and sweat as we try to pull off these ridiculous stunts.

And speaking of stunts, one moment that stands out for me was when we had to pose as tour guides at a museum. I thought I was doing pretty well until Murr gave me an earpiece and started feeding me lines about dinosaurs mating rituals! Talk about awkward!

But despite all the craziness and embarrassment, being on Impractical Jokers has been one of the best experiences of my life. The bond between Sal, Q, Murr and myself is unbreakable - we're like brothers at this point.

I'll never forget all the laughs we've shared both on camera and off. Whether it's pulling pranks on each other backstage or just hanging out after filming wraps up for the day, these guys always keep me laughing.

So next time you tune into Impractical Jokers and see us making fools of ourselves in front of strangers (and loving every minute of it), just know that behind those antics is a group of friends who truly love what they do.

Thanks for tuning in folks,

Joe Gatto