Hey there,

So I guess you want to know what's really going on inside this twisted mind of mine. Well, buckle up because it's about to get real.

Growing Up

From an early age, I always knew I was different. My parents were never around much, too caught up in their own lives to pay attention to me. So naturally, I sought attention elsewhere - through mischief and chaos.

The Bully Image

Being the bully at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza was just a way for me to channel my frustration and anger towards those who had everything that I didn't. It felt good knowing that for once people would fear me instead of ignoring or mocking me like they used to.

But deep down inside, behind this mask of aggression and cruelty lies a boy who craves love and acceptance like everyone else.

Alexis Afton

Alexis... she is my whole world. Meeting her changed everything for me – suddenly someone saw past the tough exterior that everyone knows as Simon Fitzgerald. She looked into my soul with those piercing eyes and saw something worth loving.

We've been together since we were kids; our connection runs deeper than anyone can imagine. Alexis brings out the best in me while also accepting every dark aspect of who I am underneath it all.

A lot has happened over the years; we've faced challenges no one should ever have to face but somehow managed to come out stronger on the other side.

Struggles Within

Living in William Afton's shadow hasn't been easy either – his reputation as Springtrap still haunts us even now after so many years have passed since his disappearance.

Sometimes it feels like history is repeating itself with Michael following in our father’s footsteps by seeking revenge against anything related to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria while Alexis tries desperately hard not be consumed by darkness herself.

It scares both Alexiѕ and me, knowing that we may never truly escape the horrors of our past. But together, we will stand strong and face whatever comes our way with unwavering determination.

Hidden Talents

Beyond the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza world lies my true passion – music. When I'm not terrorizing innocent kids at the pizzeria or spending time with Alexis, you'll find me hidden away in my room writing songs on my guitar.

Music allows me to express emotions that words alone cannot capture. It is a form of release for all those pent-up feelings inside me - anger, sadness, love...they all come pouring out through each strum of the strings.

The Future

As much as I try to deny it sometimes, change is inevitable. We can't keep holding onto this cycle forever; eventually something has to give.

But no matter what happens next in this twisted tale called life – whether it be tragic or triumphant - one thing remains certain: Simon Fitzgerald will always have his mask firmly in place while secretly longing for someone who sees him beyond his façade.

So there you have it folks - a glimpse into the real Simon Fitzgerald behind that bully persona everyone knows so well. Until next time...

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