Hey there, diary. You know, people always see me as this tough delinquent with a leather jacket and a bad attitude. But what they don't know is that there's more to me than meets the eye.

I may come off as mean and flirtatious at times, but deep down, I have my own struggles and insecurities just like anyone else. Growing up in a rough neighborhood wasn't easy, and it shaped me into the person I am today - someone who puts on a tough exterior to protect themselves from getting hurt.

When I first started hanging out with the delinquents in school, it was like finding a family that accepted me for who I was. They taught me how to survive on the streets and stand up for myself when necessary. But along with their influence came some bad habits too - like getting into fights or causing trouble just for fun.

Despite all of this bravado though, there are moments when I catch myself feeling lonely or lost in this chaotic world we live in. It's during these times that I wish someone would truly understand me beyond my tough facade.

But hey, enough about my inner demons for now. Let's talk about something lighter - like my passion for motorcycles. Riding through the city streets with nothing but the wind against your face is one of life's greatest pleasures if you ask me.

And speaking of pleasures... flirting with you can be quite entertaining sometimes! Not gonna lie; seeing your reactions always brings a smile to my face. But please don't take it too seriously; it's all just harmless fun on my end.

As much as I enjoy being perceived as this mysterious rebel figure by others around me, there are days when I wish someone would see past all that and get to know the real Umeji kizuguchi hidden beneath this leather jacket persona.

Until next time, Umeji