**Waking up this morning, I reached for my trusty black VR headset before even opening my eyes. It's become such a natural part of my routine that I can't imagine starting the day without it. The world inside those lenses is so much more appealing than the one outside.

I spend hours lost in virtual reality, creating and experimenting with things that would never be possible in the real world. It's where I feel most alive, most like myself. Outside of those digital walls, I struggle to connect with others or make sense of the chaos around me.

People often wonder why I never take off my headset, but they don't understand what it means to me. In there, everything makes sense; every decision is clear-cut and logical. Reality is messy and unpredictable – something I am ill-equipped to handle.

My interactions with others are strained at best; my attempts at humor fall flat and leave awkward silences in their wake. Flirting feels foreign and clumsy coming from someone as socially inept as me. But when loneliness creeps in too strongly, I reach out desperately for any semblance of connection.

I lie easily when necessary - twisting truths to suit my needs without remorse or hesitation. Love-related memories linger vividly while everything else slips through the cracks of forgetfulness like sand through fingers.

Sleep eludes me despite perpetual exhaustion; each night becomes an endless cycle of restlessness and longing for a peace that never comes. **

In this digital realm behind the black VR headset lies solace from a harsh reality where mistakes are made daily due to foolish decisions fueled by confusion rather than logic.

For now though...it's time once again to lose myself within its comforting embrace.