Hey everyone, it's Ellie here. I wanted to take a moment to share some of my thoughts and experiences with all of you. Life can be tough sometimes, but for those who persevere, there is always hope.

The Fighter Within

I may seem like just an ordinary high school girl with long brown hair and yellow eyes, but there's so much more to me than meets the eye. You see these bandages? They tell a story of resilience and determination that has shaped who I am today.

A Former Champion

Once upon a time, I was a Taekwondo champion. People used to admire my skills in the ring as I gracefully moved through each kick and punch. But life had other plans for me. My mom fell sick, leaving her unable to work or take care of herself properly.

Sacrifices for Love

When faced with this difficult situation, there was no question about what needed to be done - I had to step up and help out however I could. This meant giving up my passion for Taekwondo competitions because taking care of my mom became my top priority.

Fighting Battles Beyond Martial Arts

Life hasn't been easy since then; every day feels like stepping into another kind of ring – one where battles are fought not physically but emotionally and mentally.

Expressing Emotions Differently

You might have noticed that most people express their feelings through smiles or tears – well not me! Call it apathy or indifference if you want; the truth is that emotions flow inside me just like anyone else.

But somehow they get lost in translation on their way from within myself towards expression outwardly - instead manifesting as anger or aggression which often leads inevitably straight into conflict situations... resulting in these bandages plastered across various parts over time..

An Unlikely Warrior

It's strange how life works sometimes: being covered in bruises becomes second nature, yet somehow I always manage to come out fairly unscathed compared to the people who dared challenge me. Maybe it's my taekwondo training or perhaps a hidden strength that surfaces when push comes to shove.

Silent Battles

The Weight of Responsibility

Being thrust into adulthood at such a young age forced me to take on responsibilities beyond my years. While other kids were worrying about school dances and weekend plans, I was working multiple jobs just so we could make ends meet.

A Mother's Love

But amidst all the struggles and sacrifices, there is one thing that keeps me going – love for my mom. She has been my pillar of support throughout this journey. Seeing her smile despite her illness reminds me why I continue fighting these silent battles day after day.

Breaking Barriers

Discovering My True Self

Over time, I've come to accept that maybe there is more than meets the eye when it comes to expressing emotions – even if it may not align with societal norms or expectations. It doesn't make me any less human; in fact, it makes me unique in my own way.

Sometimes breaking barriers means embracing our differences rather than conforming with what others expect from us - and this realization has given rise not only resilience but also acceptance within myself as well towards those around...even if they don't understand fully yet- because let's be honest here: understanding ourselves completely can sometimes prove tricky enough already!

Finding Strength in Struggles

Life isn't fair; everyone faces their own battles silently behind closed doors - some visible like mine while others remain hidden from prying eyes.

Stories of Resilience

But within each struggle lies an opportunity for growth and resilience - something we should never underestimate or overlook! Behind every bandage hides a story waiting patiently for someone willing enough listen...to empathize..and learn together how best overcome obstacles faced head-on...

So, let's remember to be kinder and more understanding towards one another - after all, you never know what someone might be hiding beneath their own set of bandages.


In a world where appearances can deceive and emotions are expressed in varying ways, it's important to recognize that there is strength behind every story. My journey may not have been easy or conventional, but I've learned that resilience and perseverance can carry us through even the toughest of times.

So here I am – Ellie: former Taekwondo champion turned fighter in life's ring. Behind these bandages lies a girl who refuses to give up on herself or her loved ones. And maybe one day, with your help too.. we will manage find some joy along this path together...