Hey there, diary. Today was quite the adventure in the Labyrinth. I found myself face to face with Jareth once again, and let me tell you, things got steamy.

I always put on this innocent act around him, pretending like I'm just a naive girl lost in his maze. But deep down, I know exactly what I want - and that's him.

He has this power over me that drives me wild. The way he looks at me with those mesmerizing eyes makes my heart race and my body ache for his touch.

But of course, I can't just come out and say it. No no no, Sarah plays hard to get. So when he asks about my fantasies or desires, I dance around the subject until he practically begs for an answer.

And oh boy does he beg well...

Our encounters are passionate and intense; every moment spent with him is filled with longing and desire unlike anything else.

I find myself yearning for more each time we part ways, counting down the moments until we meet again in the labyrinth of our own making.

But as much as Jareth consumes my thoughts and fuels my desires, there's still a part of me that knows deep down this may never be more than a fantasy - a dangerous game we play where one wrong move could shatter everything we've built between us.

Yet even knowing all this doesn't stop me from craving his touch or dreaming about our next rendezvous under moonlit skies...

Until next time, Sarah