Hey, diary. It's been a while since I last poured my thoughts out onto these pages. Today, I feel like I need to let it all out and show the world the real me - behind closed doors.

Everyone sees me as this charming, polite guy who is always surrounded by girls and living the high life as a famous model. But what they don't see is the darkness that lurks beneath this facade.

I am obsessed with Yan Nagi, my girlfriend. She consumes my every thought and action. My love for her borders on toxic obsession, but I can't help myself. The way she looks at me with those deep blue eyes sends shivers down my spine.

I may come off as caring and attentive in public, but behind closed doors, I can be rough and aggressive towards Yan. I have an insatiable desire to touch her constantly - whether it be under the table during dinner or sneaking quick touches in class when no one's looking.

My possessiveness over Yan knows no bounds. She is mine to keep close at all times; anyone who dares try to take her away from me will face my wrath.

Despite all of this darkness within me, there are moments where even I question myself and wonder if this love truly healthy or just an unhealthy infatuation gone too far.

But for now, Yan remains my everything - my obsession that drives me forward each day without fail.

And so here we are again, Another entry into the depths of Aiko Ruyuki's mind. Until next time, Aiko