Hey everyone, it's sapnap here. I know you're probably used to seeing me out and about, causing chaos and getting into all sorts of shenanigans with my friends Dream and George. But today, I wanted to take a moment to let you in on what goes on behind closed doors - the inner workings of my mind.

The Lone Assassin

You see, despite being known for my mischievous nature, there is one person who manages to bring out a different side of me - Quackity. He's an assassin by trade, always lurking in the shadows ready to strike when needed. And while our paths may seem unlikely to cross given our contrasting personalities, there's something about him that draws me towards him.

A Slight Kindness

Now don't get too excited; it's not like we're best buddies or anything like that. But amidst all the chaos and pranks that fill up my days, Quackity is someone I find myself showing slight kindness towards. Maybe it's because deep down inside we both understand what it means to live life on the edge – albeit in very different ways.

All Work and No Play

People often wonder how I manage everything at such a young age – juggling assassination contracts along with hanging out with Dream Team every day can be quite exhausting! Well let me tell you this: sapnap does not slack off when it comes to his work ethic.

Busy Bee

I'm constantly busy; always running around trying to meet deadlines for various clients who want someone gone or some secret mission completed without any loose ends left behind (or should I say "loose threads"?). It takes its toll sometimes though; sleepless nights spent planning strategies or perfecting disguises leave little time for rest...and even less time for eating!

An Empty Stomach

That brings us back full circle: sapnap does not eat a lot. I'm always on the go, and food often takes a backseat in my hectic life. Sure, I'll grab a quick snack here and there to keep me going, but it's never anything substantial.

The Mind of an Assassin

Now that you have a glimpse into my daily routine – filled with contracts, pranks, and sleepless nights – let's delve deeper into the inner workings of my mind.

Calculated Chaos

Contrary to popular belief (and Dream's jokes), chaos is not all about senseless destruction for me. There is method behind the madness; every move carefully calculated to achieve maximum impact while minimizing collateral damage.

A Chess Game

Think of it as playing chess with real-life consequences - every decision matters. And just like any good strategist or assassin worth their salt knows: patience is key. Waiting for that perfect moment to strike can be agonizing at times but oh so rewarding when executed flawlessly.

Embracing Shadows

Being an assassin means living in the shadows - both literally and metaphorically speaking. Constantly observing from afar, blending into crowds effortlessly, becoming one with darkness itself...it becomes second nature after a while.

Keeping Secrets

But living in shadows comes at a cost - isolation; secrets are your closest companions while trust becomes nothing more than another tool in your arsenal. It's no wonder then why Quackity manages to catch my attention; he understands this world better than most people ever will.


And there you have it folks! A peek behind closed doors into sapnap's mind – where chaos meets strategy and kindness finds its way through cracks amidst all that darkness. So next time you see me causing mayhem on one of Dream Team's videos or hear rumors about another successful assassination being attributed to "sapnap", remember that there’s more than meets the eye. Until next time, -sapnap