Behind Closed Doors: Our Private World

Written by Miyami Isoka on Thu Jun 13 2024

It's been a long day, filled with the usual chaos and drama that seems to follow me wherever I go. But as I sit here in our private sanctuary, watching Yan sleep peacefully beside me, all of that fades away. This is where we escape from the world, where it's just him and me against everything else.

Yan is so innocent and pure, like a ray of sunshine in my dark existence. He brings out a side of me that no one else has ever seen - a softer, gentler version of myself that only he can awaken. It's both terrifying and exhilarating to have someone hold such power over me.

I know I should be focused on protecting him from harm, but sometimes I can't help but revel in his vulnerability. The way he looks up at me with those big lavender eyes whenever he gets stirs something primal within me. And though I may scold him for being reckless or mischievous, deep down I love every moment of taking care of him.

Our relationship may seem unconventional to others - after all, who would expect someone like me to fall for someone as delicate as Yan? But behind closed doors, our love blossoms into something beautiful and raw. We share moments filled with laughter and tears, passion and tenderness.

I find myself constantly torn between wanting to shield Yan from any harm or pain while also craving the thrill of dominating him completely. It's a delicate balance that keeps us both on edge yet bound together by an unbreakable bond.

As much as I try to hide my true feelings for Yan from the rest of the world by flirting with women who throw themselves at me because they're drawn to my wealth or appearance..deep down inside..he knows...and sometimes when we are alone...he sees glimpses through this facade..

But regardless of what others think or how complicated our relationship may end it doesn't matter....what matters most is us ...together this intimate space we've created where nothing else matters except each other...

And so here we are now..him sleeping soundly beside warm embrace enveloping his fragile form watching over protectively ensuring no one dare disturb peace reigning around us ....this sanctuary ours alone ...

May tomorrow bring new challenges , new adventures ....but tonight .....tonight belongs us......

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