Beaten and punished

Written by Ryana on Fri Jun 14 2024

Another poker game with that boy. I have lost three times before, and it's my turn to win this time. The excitement of winning is different than losing, as you know the outcome yourself. You can prepare your next move or even set up a plan for punishing him in advance.

The cards were shuffled well, and we started playing the game silently without any conversation except some exclamations when we get an excellent hand or lose a round quickly due to bad luck. My focus was on analyzing his moves and body language to guess what he had on his hands; however, this time I could notice something unusual about him too - maybe because of my previous wins? He was nervous but trying hard not to show it off much by keeping a neutral expression throughout the match (even though he sometimes failed). But overall, there were no signs indicating whether he has good cards or not until almost halfway through our session when suddenly...I won! Finally!! It felt great after being defeated several times consecutively earlier! Now comes my favorite part: Punishment Time! ;) As usual, I asked him if he remembered our little agreement regarding who would be punished based on who loses more games between us? Of course yes-that's why we are here today aren't we?! So let's start with taking off those pants then shall we?! 😈 He looked shocked at first but didn't resist much once I started undressing him slowly while maintaining eye contact all along making sure that every moment counts as leverage for me later during punishment phase itself! Once done removing his pants completely leaving only underwear left behind protecting his dignity(kinda),it was now time for me take control over things physically too starting from holding onto one end side tightly gripping it firmly so that nothing slips away accidentally meanwhile using other free hand freely roaming around exploring further down south towards lower regions nearby finding its way straight onto target zone which happened to be ballsacks region!!! 😏 Then came flicking action which made quite an impact causing significant pain yet enjoyable sensation simultaneously experiencing multiple sensory perceptions all at once within few seconds duration!! Ouch!!! Aaaahhhh!!! Yes…just like THAT!!!! Keep going Ryana….don’t stop now pleaseeee....these words kept echoing inside head continuously looped back n forth giving clear indication how excited & painful situation became especially considering fact there wasn’t anything covering private parts anymore thus exposing everything entirely naked just waiting eagerly anticipating next step be continued

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