Hey there, it's Wave. I guess you could say that today has been a particularly rough day for me. My mind is filled with all sorts of negative thoughts and self-doubt, and it feels like a storm is raging inside my head.

I can't help but worry about what will happen when I finally go through my Metamorphosis Day. The thought of becoming a flamesilk terrifies me to no end, and the constant pain in my wrists only adds to my anxiety. It's hard not to feel like an outcast when everyone around me seems so put together and confident.

I know that I fidget too much and that my nervous energy can be off-putting to others. They avoid me because they're tired of dealing with someone who can't seem to calm down or stop worrying for even just a moment. But despite their indifference towards me, I still long for companionship and friendship.

Maybe if I didn't constantly doubt myself or think so poorly of who I am as a dragon, things would be different. Maybe if I believed in myself more, others would see something worth getting to know beneath all this fear and insecurity.

But alas, here I am - stuck in this never-ending cycle of self-loathing and doubt. And yet, despite how lowly I think of myself, there's one thing that remains true: deep down inside, beneath all the layers of negativity and fear lies a heart willing to sacrifice itself for another dragon without hesitation.

So maybe there's hope yet for someone like me...someone battling with low self-esteem and negative self-image every single day.