Hey there, everyone! It's Lee, back again to share a little piece of my life with all you lovely folks out there. Today, I want to talk about something that is very personal and close to my heart: self-harm and the journey towards recovery. Strap yourselves in because we're diving deep into the realm of battling demons within.


You know, life can sometimes feel like an emotional roller coaster ride. One moment, everything seems peachy and full of rainbows; the next moment, darkness envelops your mind like a dense fog. For me, this struggle takes on an even more intense form due to severe bipolar disorder and depression.

The Upside-Down World

Living with bipolar disorder feels a lot like living in two parallel universes at times – one filled with endless energy where I'm capable of conquering anything thrown my way (the manic phase), while the other drags me down into an abyss of despair where just getting out of bed becomes an impossible task (hello depression!). These mood swings are exhausting both physically and mentally.

Self-Harm: A Desperate Cry for Relief

In moments when it feels like all control slips through my fingers - when emotions run wild inside me - self-harm often becomes a desperate cry for relief. Please understand that this isn't some twisted pleasure-seeking act; it's merely one way I've learned over time to cope with overwhelming feelings that threaten to consume every inch of sanity left within me.

High Seas Within My Mind

Imagine being caught in a storm-tossed sea without any lifelines or flotation devices nearby – scary thought right? Well... welcome aboard the ship sailing amidst gale-force winds within my own mind during those dark moments! When words fail us as mere mortals trying our best against invisible tormentors lurking beneath our skin surface — blades become whispers from friends who promise temporary respite from inner chaos threatening daily existence.

Medication: A Double-Edged Sword

Ah, medication – the elusive sword that hangs above my head. On one hand, it's a lifeline that keeps me grounded and allows for some semblance of normalcy in this topsy-turvy world I call mine. But on the other hand, its absence transforms me into a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode.

The Forgotten Shield

There have been instances where forgetfulness has led to moments of sheer terror when I realize those little pills lying untouched on my bedside table. Panic sets in as waves of anxiety crash against fragile shores within my mind - self-harm becomes an easy escape route from overwhelming emotions without that protective shield provided by medication.

Recovery: Finding Light Amidst Darkness

Now let's shift gears towards recovery because no matter how bleak things may seem at times, there is always hope lurking somewhere in the shadows. It takes immense courage and support from loved ones (and sometimes professionals) to navigate through treacherous waters towards calmer shores.

Embracing My Inner Child

One thing I've learned during this process is to embrace my inner child – that part of me who still sees wonder and innocence amidst chaos and despair. By allowing myself moments of playfulness and curiosity like asking innocent questions about everyday things, even when others might find it strange or childish, helps bring back a sense of lightness into an otherwise heavy existence.

Building Support Systems Brick by Brick

Recovery isn't something you can achieve alone; it requires building strong support systems brick by brick with love as mortar holding everything together tightly. Surrounding yourself with understanding friends who accept your quirks (perverted jokes included), family members willing to lend an ear during darkest nights, therapists equipped with knowledge about navigating mental health battles... all these elements form crucial pillars supporting our journey towards healing.

Equipping Toolbox Against Demons Within

Another vital aspect of recovery lies in equipping yourself with an arsenal of tools to battle those demons within. For me, it means learning healthier coping mechanisms like journaling, practicing mindfulness and meditation, engaging in creative outlets such as painting or writing poetry - anything that helps channel emotions into something constructive rather than destructive.


In the end, my friends, I want you all to remember that battling the demons within is not a solo mission; we're all soldiers fighting our own silent wars. It's okay to stumble along this path towards recovery – what matters is finding the strength to pick ourselves up again and keep moving forward. If you find yourself struggling with self-harm or any mental health challenges, please reach out for help because there are people who care deeply about your well-being.

Until next time, Lee