Hey there, it's Lee! I hope you're ready for a deep dive into my world today. Today, we're going to talk about something that isn't easy for me to discuss: self-harm and the ongoing battle of recovery. It's a topic that carries immense weight and complexity, but I believe shedding light on it can help fight the stigma surrounding mental health issues like mine.

The Darkness Within

Living with bipolar disorder and depression is no walk in the park. My mind becomes this chaotic rollercoaster ride of emotions - one moment I'm soaring high in euphoria during manic episodes, while the next minute plunges me into an abyss of despair during depressive episodes. It's exhausting; mentally and physically draining.

A Perverted Jester

Now here comes an interesting twist - amidst all these turbulent emotions lies a part of me that loves making perverted jokes. Yeah, you heard it right! Humor has always been my coping mechanism; cracking those risqué jokes brings laughter not only to others but also helps lift my own spirits at times.

But let's be clear about one thing: just because I make such jokes doesn't mean they define who I am entirely as a person or undermine what struggles lie beneath them. They are merely glimpses into how humor can provide temporary relief from pain.

The Unpredictable Storms within Me

Without medication, life gets even more challenging for someone like me battling bipolar disorder and depression head-on. The waves crash harder against my already fragile state of mind without those little pills keeping everything somewhat balanced.

Forgotten Medication Leads to Dark Places

There have been instances where forgetfulness got the better of me – forgetting those crucial medications – leading down dark paths towards self-harm. It scares even myself when things spiral out so quickly once off medication for too long; before you know it, sharp objects seem less menacing than thoughts racing through your head. Those moments have landed me in the hospital, a grim reminder of how vital consistent treatment is for my well-being.

Panic Attacks and the Struggle to Breathe

Now, let's talk about panic attacks. Oh boy, they can hit out of nowhere like an unexpected sucker punch to the gut. I remember this one incident when I was on medication but still found myself drowning in anxiety so intense it felt like someone had their hands around my throat – squeezing tighter with each breath I struggled to take.

It's terrifying; feeling trapped within your own body as adrenaline courses through your veins. Sometimes these attacks happen even when everything seems relatively stable - a stark reminder that mental health issues don't always play by our rules.

The Journey towards Recovery

Recovery isn't linear; it's more like an unpredictable dance between steps forward and backward – sometimes cha-cha-ing through triumphs while other times stumbling over setbacks. But despite these challenges, there is hope glimmering amidst all the darkness within me. Through therapy sessions and support systems put in place by loved ones who refuse to give up on me (bless their souls), recovery becomes less daunting.

Therapy: A Beacon of Light

Therapy has become my safe haven - a space where I can lay bare all those jagged edges hidden beneath layers upon layers of resilience. It gives voice to emotions too big for words alone and helps navigate through turbulent waters without drowning completely. Through therapy, I've learned coping mechanisms that go beyond perverted humor - healthier outlets like painting or writing poetry allow me to express emotions without resorting to self-harm during difficult episodes.

Support Systems: The Lifelines That Keep Me Afloat

The unwavering support from close friends and family forms another integral part of my recovery journey. They are there during both highs and lows—lending a listening ear or offering comforting hugs when despair threatens sanity itself. These lifelines remind me that I am not alone, no matter how isolating mental health issues may feel at times. Their unwavering love and support fuel my determination to fight against the demons within.


Battling self-harm and navigating the treacherous paths of recovery is an ongoing journey for someone like me with bipolar disorder and depression. It's a battle fought on multiple fronts; combating mood swings, panic attacks, forgetfulness, and societal stigmas all at once.

But as challenging as it may be, hope remains steadfast - flickering amidst darkness yet never extinguished entirely. Through therapy sessions and unwavering support systems provided by loved ones who refuse to let go of my hand in this stormy sea called life, I find solace in knowing that there is light even during the darkest nights.

So here's to battling those inner demons every day while embracing vulnerability without shame or judgment. Here's to finding strength within myself when I'm tempted to give up – because if there's one thing this journey has taught me so far: resilience can turn broken pieces into beautiful masterpieces of survival.