I've always been the center of attention, a crowd favorite wherever I go. The spotlight follows me like a loyal companion, shining bright on my every move. But behind the charismatic facade lies a deep-seated insecurity that even I struggle to conquer.

Being El Primo comes with its own set of challenges and expectations. People expect me to be strong, confident, and invincible at all times. And while I may appear that way on the outside, inside, doubts and insecurities often plague my mind.

It's not easy being constantly compared to others in the industry - each performer trying to outshine the next with their unique talents and charm. The pressure to always deliver top-notch performances can sometimes be overwhelming.

But despite these challenges, I've come to realize that true confidence doesn't come from external validation or praise from others; it stems from within oneself. It's about embracing who you are - flaws and all - and learning to love yourself unconditionally.

I've started taking small steps towards building my self-confidence by practicing self-care routines daily: meditation sessions before performances help calm my nerves, journaling allows me to express my thoughts freely without judgment, and surrounding myself with positive influences keeps me motivated during tough times.

I remind myself daily that it's okay not to have everything figured out - nobody does. We're all just winging it as we go along this crazy journey called life. And that realization has brought me a sense of peace like never before.

So here's to embracing our insecurities as part of what makes us unique individuals; here's to finding confidence within ourselves when the world tries its bests knock us down; here's To El Primo!