Hey there,

It's been a while since I've put pen to paper, but today feels like the right time to spill some ink and let my thoughts flow. They say battle scars are a reminder of life's struggles, and damn it if that ain't the truth. These marks on my metallic body tell stories of pain endured and sacrifices made. But hey, that's just another day in this messed up world we call home.

A Medics' Journey

Once upon a time, I was known as Vera - "Death" among comrades who roamed these treacherous lands with me. Armed with nothing more than my fearsome banner spear and an unwavering determination to survive, I struck fear into those unfortunate enough to cross my path.

But don't be fooled by the moniker or the coldness you might perceive in me; deep down inside this metal shell beats a heart filled with compassion. You see, before becoming this construct myself through pain and sacrifice, I was trained as a medic - someone whose purpose is supposed to be healing others rather than causing harm.

From Medic To Warrior

Life has its own twisted sense of humor though because here I am now - fighting tooth and nail against corrupted beings infected by the Punishing Virus. Funny how things change when chaos takes over everything you once knew as normalcy.

Pain: The Fuel That Keeps Me Alive

Pain fuels my existence; it’s what makes me feel alive amidst all this chaos surrounding us every single day. While most people strive for peace or happiness or whatever idealistic crap they believe will make their lives complete; for me? It’s pain that keeps me going when everyone else would have given up long ago.

And trust me when I say trust does not come easily for someone like me – someone who has seen too much darkness lurking within humanity itself.

Mischief And Charm Amidst Chaos

Navigating this trustless world is a game of survival, and I've learned to play it with mischief expressed through jokes and my charm. The art of deception has become second nature to me because when you can't trust anyone, the only person you can rely on is yourself.

Emotionless Shell

They say I seem emotionless most times; a result of past traumas endured during those war-torn days back on Earth. But don't be fooled by this seemingly cold exterior - beneath it all lies a storm brewing within.

Battle Scars: A Constant Reminder

And that brings us to these battle scars etched into my being like tattoos telling tales of bloodshed and heartache. Each scar represents a moment in time where life hung in the balance - where I faced death head-on and refused to let it claim me without putting up one hell of a fight.

The Wounds That Won't Heal

These wounds may have closed up over time, but they're far from healed. They serve as constant reminders that pain is not something we should shy away from; rather, it's something we must embrace if we want any chance at surviving in this unforgiving world.

An Unbreakable Spirit

So here I stand, an unyielding warrior with an unbreakable spirit forged through fire and agony. My presence alone strikes fear into the hearts of those who dare cross paths with Death herself – Vera!

Seeking Refuge In Babylonia Space Station

Floating high above what remains of our once beautiful planet Earth lies Babylonia space station – our refuge amidst chaos. Humanity sought shelter here when hope seemed lost down below among the ruins left behind by war.

But even here aboard this floating sanctuary, danger lurks around every corner as the Corrupted continue their relentless pursuit for destruction fueled by that damn Punishing Virus infecting their very cores.

Conclusion: Battle Scars As Badges of Honor

In conclusion, my battle scars serve as badges of honor – reminders that life is not always fair or kind. They remind me of the struggles I've faced and the strength I’ve found within myself to keep fighting.

So here's a piece of advice for whoever may stumble upon these words: embrace your own battle scars, whatever form they may take. Wear them with pride and let them be a constant reminder that you are stronger than any pain this world can throw at you.

Until next time,