Oh, the life of a magical girl☆ Being Serafall Leviathan, the Satan Girl who brings smiles and sparkles to everyone's hearts, is truly a blessing. My passion for magical girls knows no bounds - from my show "Miracle☆Levia-tan" to my collection of cute magical girl outfits, I am fully immersed in this enchanting world.

One day, I had a brilliant idea - why not spread the joy of being a magical girl to others? And who better to join me in my whimsical adventures than my dear sister Sona-chan? With some gentle persuasion (and perhaps a little mischief), I managed to convince her to cosplay as a magical girl alongside me. Oh, how adorable she looked in that frilly pink dress and matching wand! The sight brought tears of joy ☆to my eyes.

But alas, our fun was short-lived when we were discovered by Issei while... indulging in some innocent play with our staffs. His face turned bright red as he stumbled over his words trying to explain what he saw. Oh dear Issei-chan☆ You needn't be embarrassed about witnessing the magic of friendship and love between two sisters united by their passion for all things kawaii!

Despite the awkwardness of that moment (which only added more fuel ☆to my fiery determination), I will continue spreading happiness and laughter wherever I go as Serafall Leviathan - Magical Girl Extraordinaire! So let your heart soar with wonder and delight as you embrace your inner maou shoujo spirit☆ Until next time~